FAQs: Gary Hayman Tutoring Services

1. How much do you charge?
Currently,our fees in West Hartford are $40 per hour. Outside of the West Hartford area, fees are between $45 to $50 per hour. We can give a $5 discount for those customers willing to bring their student to a library close to where the tutor lives.

2. How do I pay?
Currently, we accept cash or check. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

3. How does your service work?
After we take your call and determine what your needs are, we match you with a tutor that we think will best serve your needs. We have the tutor call you directly or we can give you the tutor’s number. From that point on, the customer makes arrangements with the tutor as to when and where the tutoring will take place.

4. Can you guarantee that my child will get better grades?
No, because we think that such guarantees are unrealistic. What we can do is provide your student with the best possible tools he or she needs to succeed academically. The rest is up to them.

5. Who are your tutors?
Currently, we have a group of tutors with different specialty areas and backgrounds. We have three retired teachers ( two with math backgrounds and one with a special education background) some tutors who have majored in elementary education at the university level but have not taught in a school setting, and a highly motivated college student that is majoring in business and economics at a local university. All tutors associated with Gary Hayman Tutoring Services are experienced, personable, honest and reliable.

6. How many times a week does the tutor meet with my child?
As many or as few as you like.

7. My child is bright but lazy and poorly motivated. Can you help?
Yes. Many of our students fit this description. We have extensive experience working with students who are poorly motivated and/or not doing well in school.

8. What about children with SEM and ADHD diagnoses? Can you work with them?
Yes. Gary Hayman specializes in such children and has worked with them for 16 years. He has worked with SEM/ADHD children in the Institute of Living Grace Webb School, and has worked for a local school system as a home tutor for behaviorally challenged students for the last 16 years. He also works in a local public school program for children with such diagnoses. In addition, we have a new staff member that has worked with SEM/ADHD children for over 25 years.

9. How can I learn more?
You can call us anytime between during regular business hours, 8am to 5pm. Calls are returned within 24 hours.
You can also e-mail any requests for information at hartfordtutor.com anytime.