LRF of West Hartford:

“Gary serves as coach, advisor and homework helper to my reluctant learner. He provides invaluable support and consultation to frustrated parents. Reliably on time and focused, Mr. Hayman quells test anxiety with his relaxed attitude and calm empathy.”

PH and WH of West Hartford:

” We have referred several families to Gary Hayman Tutoring Services. We are very pleased with him and feel that he was critical to our son’s success.”

AT and ST of West Hartford:

“Gary Hayman Tutoring Services has helped our son focus on what he needs to do to become successful. We are gratified to report that our son made the honor roll for the very first time ever. We attribute a large part of our son’s success to the work done by Mr. Hayman with our son. We can enthusiastically recommend Gary Hayman Tutoring Services .”

LS of West Hartford:

“Gary Hayman has been tutoring one of my children for several months. He has had an extremely positive effect. My child has had an improved attitude toward school work, and has become much more productive and willing to do research and writing since beginning work with Gary. Gary has also had a positive effect on attendance and punctuality. He is kind and patient, yet very effective.”